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Open Submission
Through May 1, 2024

Voices of Tacoma: A Gathering of Poets

An anthology of poetry of, about, &/or inspired by Tacoma, & will be published in Autumn, 2024.



This project is partly funded by the Tacoma Artists Initiative Program. We will publish an anthology of poetry of, about, or inspired by Tacoma in Fall 2024. All poets are encouraged to submit their work, with no submission fee.

Open (FREE!) Submission Period


This is your opportunity to share poem(s) that represent and/or give voice to what Tacoma means to you, whether you have lived here for part of your entire life or have just passed through on your way to places beyond.


How do you feel Tacoma? What does it smell like (loaded question) and why? What is SO Tacoma about this place? How does it sound to you? Describe the light in the morning, at dusk, off the Sound… What does a handful of Tacoma taste like? What do you remember about this City? What about Tacoma is YOU? Tell about Tacoma and evoke all the senses. What about in winter? At high tide? When it’s not raining? Maybe write an ode TO Tacoma? A sonnet on 6th Ave.? A pantoum from Point Defiance? 

We want to read about Tacoma from all angles in all voices.


The anthology editorial committee will select poems that express all facets of Tacoma—its people, its history, its natural beauty, its culture and cuisine, its music and art, its many features and flaws, etc. We welcome the diverse voices that make our city so vibrant and alive.

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