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3rd Thursday Newsletter - Issue: 3

Date: April 15, 2021

Dear Reader,

There are many things I want to share with you - thank you for being a part of my journey!


  • I had several of the most amazing opportunities this month to get feedback on my manuscript and I am grateful to everyone who has been involved in that process! First, as part of a three-part course entitled “How to Write a Page Turner” taught by E.C. Murray (Elizabeth Corcoran Murray), I submitted a sample of the manuscript and she provided her generous professional feedback. A few days later, during the Norwescon Writers’ Workshop (INorwescon 43), I had the opportunity to get peer-to-peer critiques from several authors and from the facilitator Cat Rambo. It was an amazing experience to give and to get this feedback and I look forward to more with our newly formed Page Turners Writing Group (a private group created with like-minded participants from the Page Turner class).

  • I am still looking for beta readers for my manuscript. The feedback I am looking for is not line-by-line edits; I am wanting feedback on whether the entire story makes sense and whether there is anything that confusing. If you are interested in reading the entire manuscript, or part of it, and giving me feedback please email me at, or contact me via my website.

  • On March 19th Blue Cactus Press hosted a virtual book launch for Moss Covered Claws, a short story collection from fantasy author Jonah Barrett. In addition to reading, Jonah answered questions and gave insight into the origin of the monsters we meet in the stories! It was a fun event to be a part of and I highly recommend the book. Moss Covered Claws is available from Blue Cactus Press directly, and at King’s Books and Orca Books Cooperative.

  • On March 25th Creative Colloquy presented Paths to Publication: A Cautionary Tale, with Jennifer Preston Chushcoff, children’s book author, poet and nonfiction writer. In addition to sharing her experiences in publishing during the event, Jennifer shared a resource guide (via a secret page on her website!) that is full of invaluable ideas and suggestions!

  • Norwescon 43 was an awesome event! I attended several events, including:

    • Publishing Options: A Newbie’s Guide

    • Antagonists, Anti-heroes and Archetypes

    • What Do Editors Do?

In addition to having the opportunity to learn from seasoned experts in writing, editing, and publishing, I learned a lot more about Norwescon itself and the amazing work they do to bring together these artists. I am excited to be a part of this community and look forward to next year’s convention!

Upcoming Events

I can’t wait for Lie Your Ass Off: A Poetry Workshop with Michael Haeflinger hosted by Blue Cactus Press! It is on May 20th, 6pm to 7:15pm. Participants will also receive a FREE copy of Haelinger’s poetry collection, Low Static Rage.

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