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3rd Thursday Newsletter - Issue: 24

Date: January 19, 2022

Dear Reader,

In this first newsletter of 2023 I am excited to announce that there are many literary gatherings happening in the South Sound in the next few weeks. I hope you can attend some of these events but, even if you can’t, please do what you can to support the amazing work and the people who bring this rich menu of offerings to our community!

To begin with, I was excited to see the announcement about the Garden Poets of 2023 for Lakewold Gardens Poetry in the Gardens!

There were eight-five submissions! Eighty-five! That is testament to the creative energy brewing in the Pacific Northwest community of poets in which we live (or, should I say, we simmer). The poets which were recognized include many dear friends and I can’t wait to see and hear them read their poems at Lit Fest! (see below).

Happy Lunar New Year!


Are you interested in applying to be the next Tacoma Poet Laureate? Learn more and apply by January 30 at the City of Tacoma Arts Opportunities page.

Pierce County literary artists producing poetry in any form, genre, or style are encouraged to apply for the 2023-2025 Tacoma Poet Laureate position. The Poet Laureate will build community, amplify what is unique about Tacoma, and provide opportunities for people’s voices to be heard.

Current and past Tacoma Poets Laureate pictured: Lydia K. Valentine (2021-2023), Abby E. Murray (2019-2021), Kellie Richardson (2017-2019), Thy Nguyễn (2015 - 2017), Lucas Smiraldo (2013-2015), Josie Emmons Turner (2011-2013), Tammy Robacker (2010-2011), Antonio Edwards, Jr. (2009-2010) and William Kupinse (2008-2009).

Application Deadline: January 30, 2023, 11:59 pm

Stipend: $4,000

Additional Project Budget: $1,000

Eligibility extends to individuals who live in Pierce County and are actively engaged in Tacoma’s creative community; are active literary artists, dedicated to producing work on a regular basis; and are at least 18 years old. Individuals who are previous Tacoma Poet Laureate titleholders are not eligible. Other eligibility requirements apply. See guidelines for complete terms.

Creative Colloquy has several upcoming events to get excited about:

Submit your writing to be included in the upcoming Year of the Water Rabbit Message in a Bottle. These treasures are an amazing joy to find and inspire beauty beyond the day they are first discovered.

As mentioned in the introduction, an upcoming event that is going to be an extraordinary gathering is Lakewold Garden LitFest, in partnership with Creative Colloquy, running February 3rd through the 5th. With workshops, poetry readings, book signings, and a pluralityof poets, it promises to be the poetic event of the season! I hope to see you there!

Write253 says, “Save the date”

So do it!


On Tuesday, February 14, 6pm to 7pm, Blue Cactus Press will be launching Olympian author Alissa Tu’s debut experimental memoir “Confessions of a Modern Day Kumiho.”

Take the Chocolates and Leave: an Anti-Romantic Book Launch, will be at Browsers Books, located at 107 Capitol Way N, Olympia.


I am truly grateful for all the amazing art events happening in our little corner of the world. Although I skew towards the literary arts, the South Sound has a very strong artistic community which includes all forms of expression. If you only make one resolution this year, make it that you will get out and support this creative work happening around you.

I will leave you with an excerpt, with scaffolding removed, from “Small & Yet Not Insignificant” a book of poetry I am working on.

Σ: Σέλμα (Movement)

To the night, morning’s light is a lover,

Revealing life’s joys, brightening her eyes.

Each day new things are theirs to discover.

Rich with the pleasure of endless blue skies.

These things are not real, not what they would seem,

Yet still she wanders & wonders in awe.

Anticipation won’t save every dream,

Irregardless of what she heard or saw.

Always so close, yet always so distant,

The way dawn forever flees from the sun.

Sunrise makes the sky gold for an instant,

But just like wind, when it passes, it’s done.

Thus lifting her sad heart, she greets each day,

Keeping darkness from stealing her away.

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