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3rd Thursday Newsletter - Issue: 23

Date: December 15, 2022

Dear Reader,

December; the month when nights are the longest. The season of dreams.

But some dreams turn to nightmares.

A time of great joy.

But what was once joyful will sometimes become the source of other feelings, like sadness.

The distinction between dreams and nightmares, joy and sadness can be hard to discern; the gulf between them can be both profound and yet imperceptible at the same time.

Dreams can be sad. Joy can be wrenching. Nightmares can inspire beautiful visions.

December; the month of night visitors.


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Creative Colloquy Open Mic and Literary Reading will be back in January (the third Monday). In the meantime, check out the [Newest} Stories on Creative Colloquy’s website, which features many talented South Sound writers. Consider submitting your own work!

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Over these past few weeks of long nights I have dreamt up a crazy idea for a project. This truly outlandish scheme has continued to afflict my thinking ever since it popped into my head. Every day it grows in magnitude and consumes each waking hour as I struggle to tie up the loose ends of my own making, to resolve the problems I created by thinking up such a crazy idea in the first place.

I have slowly been gathering others around this crazy idea lately. I have floated it in front of a few eyeballs, with hopes of these early supporters helping to portage this boat of my dreams’ making.

The idea is another book, but not one which I write. A book about the place we live in, by those living here.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months!

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