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3rd Thursday Newsletter - Issue: 12

Date: January 20, 2022

Dear Reader,

I hope you had a great holiday season! It was a time for reflection and renewal and I hope you were able to find time to be with family and friends and recharge yourself for the coming year.


I have many concurrent projects that I am working on and, tied in with the arrival of the new year, I have put the completion of many of these projects into my Resolutions. This set of goals, encompassing mind, body, & spirit, is the roadmap of the major projects I am currently preparing to focus on (but there will likely be others as well).

In developing this framework for the year, one exercise I worked through was determining what is my purpose. What, when everything else superfluous is cast aside, still matters to me? In the process of working through this internal discussion I formulated this statement:

My purpose & personal goal is to make meaningful connections with fellow Creatives through the mutually enriching act of sharing work & storytelling.

This sliver of promise, this aspiration of mine, is the thread I am holding onto as I grope along towards my ultimate goals!

Updates & Upcoming Events

On Tuesday, January 25th at 7pm, Creative Colloquy presents The Writer's Workshop Series: What Were You Thinking with Jenni Prange Boran. A discussion about the questions we ask ourselves while writing whether we know it or not. It sounds like it’s going to be a great opportunity to discover more about the process of writing that I may not be consciously aware of!

Creative Colloquy presents The Writer’s Workshop Series “Outside the System: Using blackout poetry to explore the relationship between motherhood, money, and capitalism” with Christina Vega on Saturday, February 5th. This gathering is in person, hosted at Parable in Tacoma.

In Case You Missed It

Book Production 101, led by Blue Cactus Press publisher & author, Christina Vega, was an amazing opportunity to glean from Christina the ins & outs of how to make a book. An added bonus was the opportunity to have Christina give a full hour of consultation on the project I am working on (Entrance to Hell). This workshop was amazing!

Goal Setting for Writers: How to Plan your Best Writing Year Yet, led by writer and coach Olivia Couture, tied into my 2022 resolutions very nicely! Olivia created a Priority Planner that we were able to follow along on as we learned more about breaking down our goal setting, prioritizing, and planning. She created the opportunity for participants to take the time to work through their 2022 writing goals, which was much appreciated! Check out FB Livestream here.

Become a supporting member of Blue Cactus Press with Patreon

I leave you with a poem from my upcoming book, “In a Past Life & Other Poems Sung by the Window”, called Dancer, inspired by the beautiful art of Mauricio Robalino (

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