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3rd Thursday Newsletter - Issue: 10

Date: November 18, 2021

Dear Reader,

Each month, when I start working on the 3rd Thursday Newsletter, I get excited about all the things I get to share! As usual, this month has been very busy in so many amazing ways.


I want to share the work of a dear friend, Laura Lee Bond, who I had lost touch with a long time ago and whose enchanting book I recently discovered. Finding her writing, and having the chance to reconnect with her again, was a very happy series of occurrences for me! The Love Around Us: some haiku-inspired essays to brighten your day pairs Laura Lee’s beautifully written essays with her powerful haiku, creating a magical read that is truly her love letter to life. I highly recommend it!


This month witnessed a new milestone towards completion of my manuscript, Entrance to Hell; in addition to nearing the end of the story, I have embarked on a new chapter in the collaborative phase of the project. I am very excited to announce that Jenny Bartoy, a talented literary editor here in Tacoma, will be working on a manuscript evaluation for the piece. I am so excited to get her insight on the storyline and flow of the writing. This feedback, paired with the feedback from my small-but-mighty writing group (The Page Turners, with Lisa Lewis and Cameron Combs) is going to help me so much as I finalize the story!

Another note about the title of the manuscript: when my friend Laura Lee Bond (Writer & Haikupreneur) first saw the cover she discovered an Easter egg in the title.

When I Was a Child

I Found the Entrance to Hell

To Be a Real Place

A surprise gift awaits the first five (or seven), no - five, who reply to me with what the Easter egg is.

I am concurrently working on the storyboard of the illustrations for Entrance to Hell. Based on conversations with wise counselors, I have decided to combine my two styles, figurative and expressive, in the linocut artwork. I have even been toying with the idea of having expressive “masks” overlay the figurative images of the characters (using onion paper), but I know that will drive production costs up prohibitively. I’ll figure something out - stay tuned!

Speaking of linocuts, I have had a great time working on the commission for Strange Bird. I plan to have the originally commissioned artwork completed in early December and will have prints available for sale (in series format) on my website.

In Case You Missed It

In the beginning of November Jenny Bartoy (see above) facilitated a workshop that I was able to participate in, called “Show & Tell”. In her masterful way, Jenny shared ways to bring the reader into the story by showing through language, instead of just telling, the story. Jenny also shared a very helpful resource guide at the conclusion of the workshop. I will be on the lookout for other classes that Jenny facilitates and will share them here!

Upcoming Events

An upcoming workshop (December 7) I am really looking forward to is Writing (A) Present: Using Writing And Meditation To Make A Gift, presented by Creative Colloquy’s The Writer's Workshop Series. Facilitated by Tamiko Nimura and Allison Muir, the workshop is centered around creating written presents using forms of letters, poetry, music, and journaling. The workshop will also involve guided meditation, “being present to write a present” and I am really looking forward to how the facilitators will combine the two disciplines.

Also in December, Blue Cactus Press is offering Book Production 101, a half-day workshop facilitated by publisher and author Christina Vega. This in-person workshop will outline the critical components of book production and self-publication for writers and artists. I am really excited about it and, if you are interested in attending, there are still a few spaces left!

And lastly, I have been participating in NaNoWriMo 2021 (National Novel Writing Month). This is the first time I have participated in this annual activity (with the overarching goal to write 50,000 words in the month of November). Although I will likely fall short in terms of wordcount, I have surprised myself with the progress I have made in writing part two (or Act 3, not sure yet) of my manuscript. Another wise person recently told me that you need to make NaNoWriMo work for you, not work for it, and I think I have accomplished that task. I feel like I have been personally successful and had fun doing it.

Until next month’s newsletter be well, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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