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In a Past life: & Other Poems Sung by the Window

“In a Past Life & Other Poems Sung by the Window”, a tribute
in 68 songs, was written between December 13, 2021 &
March 17, 2022 (an inflection point in the poet’s life, truly a fit
of creative mania). It explores themes of addiction, recovery,
struggles to cope with the absurdity of life, with death/rebirth,
and ultimate redemption. It is an autobiographical survey,
crossing the country that is in the poet’s mind, with marker
stones laid out to guide the reader along.


“In a Past Life”, the title poem, traces several of the
incarnations that the poet believes his soul has taken. The
memories of these past lives, shaken loose from specific
moments of time in his current life, inspired the tribute that this
book is to his father, Dr. B., who passed away on April 28,

In a Past life: & Other Poems Sung by the Window

SKU: 978-1088018811
  • Paperback

    132 pages

    Keywords: Past Life, Addiction, Recovery, Coping, Redemption

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